Washing Machine Rebate Program
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Washing Machine Rebate Program

Buy a New Washing Machine and Get Up to $200!

Homeowners, the Estero Municipal Improvement District, in partnership with PG&E,  is offering a rebate of up to $200 for replacing your old water consuming clothes washer with a new ENERGY STAR water conserving clothes washer. You may apply for the rebate two ways:

  1. You may visit www.waterenergysavings.com to access the application online (you will still need to mail in the form along with the receipts).
  2. You may pick-up a rebate form at the retailer where you purchased the washer. Please check with www.waterenergysavings.com or the rebate form for more information regarding qualified clothes washers. The rebate amount is $200 for Energy Star Most Efficient 2014 Model  or $50 for Tier 3 washing machines.

Note: EMID will not rebate clothes washers that contain silver ion technology.

High-efficiency washers with the Energy Star label use nearly 40% less water and over 50% less energy than standard models, and often clean clothes better in less time. With the rising costs of energy and water, you can realize immediate savings on your utility bills.

Get more information and forms for the water agency rebates from local appliance retailers selling Energy Star washers.

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