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Public Works – Wastewater Collection

Wastewater Collection

The Estero Municipal Improvement District water collection program maintains the sanitary sewer collection and pumping system within Foster City. Sewage is treated at the San Mateo Regional Water Quality Control Plant located in San Mateo...Learn More

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Sewer Rates

Wastewater Rates

The District prepares a 10-year projection of wastewater rates, and considers the maintenance, operational and capital costs associated with its operation. The rates proposed herein are based upon those cost projections.

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Sewer System Management Plan

Wastewater Management Plan

A compendium of the policies, procedures, and activities that are included in the planning, management, operation, and maintenance of the District's sanitary sewer system.

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white Toilet with the lid closed

Toilet Rebate Program

The City offers a rebate in purchasing your next high-efficiency toilets.

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