LED Street Lights and Retrofit Project
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LED Street Lights and Retrofit Project


Foster City Completes 100% Conversion of Street Lights to Energy Efficient LEDs

At the City Council meeting on June 3, 2013, Ms. Kathy Lavezzo, Account Representative from PG&E, presented a ceremonial rebate check in the amount of $171,750 to the City Council for successfully completing the LED Street Lights Retrofit project. According to Ms. Lavezzo, Foster City and East Palo Alto are the only two cities in San Mateo County to have converted 100% of the street lights to energy efficient LEDs.

LED Conversion Committee

The LED Street Lights Retrofit project was completed in two phases.


Phase 1, completed in February 2011, covers street lights north of SR 92. Phase 1 included 269 lights and the entire cost of $157,426 was paid for by a grant received from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), more commonly known as, the Federal Economic Stimulus program. Ms. Lavezzo presented a ceremonial rebate check in the amount of $33,825 to the City Council on March 7, 2011.

Success of Phase 1 prompted the City to apply for additional ARRA grant funding when it became available, to complete the rest of the City. Phase 2 totaled 1,762 lights and it was completed in March 2013. Phase 2 was funded by ARRA grant in the amount of $747,939, City's contribution of $150,000 set aside for the project, and zero percent interest loan from PG&E also known as On-Bill Financing (OBF) in the amount of $196,000.The repayment of the OBF loan comes from the energy savings from the streetlights converted using OBF funds.

LED lights have a smaller environmental footprint, last longer (20 years vs. 5 years for traditional lamps), and use less energy. Ms. Lavezzo also provided the following table summarizing the project information, energy and cost savings, and CO2 reductions expected from the project.

Phase I

Phase II


Lights Installed




Completion Dates

February 2011

March 2013

Project Cost




ARRA Grant




0% Loan (On-Bill Financing)




City Cost




Rebate Amounts




kWh Savings/Year




Energy Savings/Year




Maintenance Savings/Year




CO2 Reductions






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