Sustainable Foster City Plans
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Sustainable Foster City Plans

"Sustaining and Enhancing the Quality of Life in Foster City"


Sustainability Bubble

Foster City has a history as a master planned community in which strategic
decisions in the areas of land use and budget and spending have allowed the community to thrive.  More recently, environmental initiatives have become strategic imperatives in the community, including community outreach through the City's Environmental Sustainability Task Force and within the City's own operations.  (Learn more about Foster City's green policies and practices.)

"Sustainable Foster City" is the next step in Foster City's on-going effort to ensure the long-term viability of the Foster City community and its way of life.  To be truly sustainable, a community must be economically sustainable, environmentally sustainable and ensure the social equity and
quality of life of its residents and business community.  A "Dashboard" of data relating to the City's health in these areas has been developed and can be viewed from the link in the side bar of this page.  The Sustainable Foster City plan has been developed to set the course for Foster City's on-going Sustainability efforts.

The plan, which was presented to the City Council on November 5, 2012 recommends seven priority objectives in three initiative areas:


  • Increase overall property values through sustainable development and redevelopment
  • Enhance the availability of quality and reliable infrastructure, utilities and natural resources to support economic growth in Foster City


  • Increase overall retail stability and sales in Foster City
  • Grow the economic base in the community for purposes of providing greater employment opportunities, tax revenues and wealth creation opportunities in key industrial and/or commercial areas
  • Provide a greater diversity and level of retail options in the greater context of availability within the region


  • Increase public awareness of why Foster City is an ideal place to live, work and play
  • Increase civic and community engagement through collaborative networks and organizations


Special thanks to the Sustainable Foster City strategic guidance team, which is made up of:

  • Charlie Bronitsky, Vice Mayor
  • Herb Perez, City Councilmember
  • Jim Hardy, City Manager
  • Steve Toler, Assistant City Manager
  • Curtis Banks, Community Development Director
  • Kevin Miller, Parks and Recreation Director
  • Joanne Bohigian, CEO, Foster City Chamber of Commerce
  • Sally Liu, Community Member and Former Chair of the Foster City Environmental Sustainability Task Force

City Hall - 610 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 286-3200