Public Education
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Public Education
Foster City Chamber of Commerce

Great Schools make Foster City a great place to live, work and play!

Public Schools

San Mateo Foster City
School District

San Mateo Union
High School District

San Mateo County
Community College District

Grade Levels:

Grade Levels:

Grade Levels:
Post-High School

Local Schools:
Audubon Elementary

Brewer Island Elementary

Foster City Elementary

Local Schools:
Aragon High

Hillsdale High

San Mateo High

Local Schools:
Canada College

College of San Mateo

Skyline College

2013 API Scores

  • Audubon (903)
  • Brewer Island (950)
  • Foster City (931)

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2013 API Scores

  • Aragon (849)
  • Hillsdale (818)
  • San Mateo (800)

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2012 Success Rate (Vocational)

  • Canada (77.6%)
  • CSM (78.9%)
  • Skyline (75.9%)

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Follow this link for a list of the private schools in Foster City.

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