Construction Advisory Notice Parking Lots Resurfacing Project (CIP 630)
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Construction Advisory Notice Parking Lots Resurfacing Project (CIP 630)
For Immediate Release: August 12, 2013
Contact: Andra Lorenz, 650-286-3215,

The City will be resurfacing parking lots that serve several City parks or facilities used by those that live, work or play in our community as part of our Parking Lots Resurfacing Project. The project consists primarily of the application of slurry seal in City parking lots as well as the resurfacing and repair of selected areas within the parking lots. Work is scheduled to begin on August 26, 2013, and is expected to take approximately two weeks to complete. The following parking lots are included in this project:

  • Library and Community Center Parking Lot
  • Dog Park/Boat Park Parking Lot
  • Sea Cloud Parking Lot and Sea Cloud Drive
  • Recreation Center Main Parking Lot, and South Parking Lot by the Tennis
  • Senior Center Parking Lot
  • Boothbay Park Parking Lot
  • Port Royal Park Parking Lot
  • City Hall Main Parking Lot
  • City Hall Rear Parking Lot
  • Police and Fire Rear Parking Lots
  • Corporation Yard Parking Lot

The City asks for your assistance to help this project go smoothly. Parking lots will be closed on the days work is in progress. Vehicular access to parking lots may be restricted for several hours prior to the day of work. The City’s contractor will post “No Parking” signs in the parking lots one week in advance of the work. The “No Parking” signs will indicate the date, time, hours and day of the week of the parking prohibition. Cars should not be parked in parking lots between the restricted days and times posted on the signs or they will be subject to towing.

The City’s general contractor for this project is American Asphalt Company of Hayward. Work activities will normally take place Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM. However, there may be instances when work activities will need to take place outside the normal periods.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like more information regarding this project, please contact the Foster City Public Works Department at 650-286-3270. Updated information about this project will also be posted on this website.

The City appreciates everyone’s patience and cooperation with any inconvenience caused by this construction activity as we work to maintain our parking lots that serve our various recreational and civic amenities that you all enjoy.

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