Traffic Signal Timing Studied and Coordinated
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For Immediate Release: April 11, 2013
Contact: ‘Andra Lorenz, Management Analyst, (650) 286-3215

Drivers may observe some changes this week in Foster City traffic signal timing as Foster City has coordinated traffic signals during peak periods starting April 9, 2013.

Based on traffic counts at all signalized intersections in Foster City, the City has re-timed the traffic signals to achieve operational efficiency under existing capacity constraints and also to implement new standards that have been put in place since the last review. For instance, traffic signals will be timed to provide longer walking times for pedestrians in accordance with the updated California Edition of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Traffic signals will be coordinated during peak periods such that movements with the largest volume of traffic will flow through the signal grouping with minimum delay. At some intersections, signals may operate in a different sequence during peak hours than they do at other times of day. For instance, where a left turn is normally served before a through movement, during coordination the left turn may be served after the through movement.

In addition to maintaining compliance with current standards, the project is expected to reduce vehicle delay, stops per vehicle, total travel time, greenhouse gas emissions and increasing average speeds for the optimized timing plans compared with the existing timing plans.

The traffic count and coordination study was funded through a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Foster City undertakes a comprehensive study and retiming traffic signals every 3-5 years. The last major review was in 2009.

For more information about the Traffic Signal Coordination Program, contact Leah Edwards, Assistant Engineer at 650-286-3277 or

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