Water Conservation 2013
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Money Available for Water Conservation Efforts
For Immediate Release: October 16, 2013
Contact: 'Andra Lorenz, (650) 286-3215, alorenz@fostercity.org

The Estero Municipal Improvement District (EMID) Board recently approved increases to several of its Water Conservation Rebates, making it that much more cost effective for customers in Foster City and parts of San Mateo to conserve water.

"Given the importance of water to the environmental and economic health of our community, the intent of the program is to provide an incentive to customers to conserve water as a precious resource," said Assistant City Manager Steve Toler.

The District added a rebate for water efficient sprinkler nozzles and sprinkler heads and increased other rebates available for both single family and multi-family residential owners. Specifically, increases were made for installation of synthetic turf in lieu of traditional grass lawns, installation of "smart" irrigation controllers that can be programmed to water based on planting and environmental factors and for educational programs. Maximum rebates were increased as much as 10 times the previous amounts.

Customers can still receive rebates when replacing old toilets or washing machines with more efficient models, changing grass out for drought-tolerant landscaping or engaging a consultant to assess and customize water conservation efforts for a specific property. Before proceeding with water conservation expenses, customers should learn more about the rebate programs at www.fostercity.org/publicworks/waterdistribution/Water-Conservation-Rebates.cfm.

Water conservation is an important tool in ensuring that District water use stays below the 5.9 million gallons per day guaranteed to be supplied to the District by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (from which the EMID purchases the water for its customers), especially with the very positive development happening around town.

All water conservation measures, even small ones, make a difference. Operating clothes and dishwashers with full loads only; using a broom to clean sidewalks, driveways and pavement instead of using a hose; reducing outdoor watering needs by planting species appropriate for the Bay Area's dry climate; and reducing evaporation by watering at night or early morning are just some of the many ways that water can be easily conserved.

For more information about water conservation and the water conservation rebate program, email PublicWorks@fostercity.org or call 650-286-8140.

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