Public Art in Foster City's Parks
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Public Art in Foster City's Parks
For Immediate Release: January 19, 2016
Contact: Jennifer L. Liu, (650) 286-3390,
In its efforts to continually enhance our parks, Foster City's Parks and Recreation Department is considering adding new art to our outdoor park spaces. Art can play an important part in creating and defining public spaces. It can be huge or small, realistic or abstract, ephemeral, temporary or permanent. It can be cast in bronze, carved in stone, built out of a variety of materials or painted. It can be designed to blend in with a specific site or stand alone in contrast to its surroundings. One thing that is a constant, however, is that public art is free for everyone to enjoy.

Foster City currently has a small but superb outdoor art collection that includes both abstract and realistic sculptures by Auguste Moreau, Dennis Smith and Bob Bennett. Over the coming months, the park system will be honing its vision regarding acquiring further artworks and will be looking specifically at art for its two newest parks, Shorebird and Bridgeview, along with the newly renovated Baywinds Park, as possible sites.

Public art reflects its community. The Parks and Recreation Department welcomes input from the public to help inform the process of selecting new art. We hope to choose artworks that will enhance the natural environment, transform the landscape and help tell the unique story of each of our 24 parks.

For more information, contact Jennifer L. Liu, Parks and Recreation Director, 650-286-3390 or

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