Draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan-Safety Element Available for Public Comment
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Draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan-Safety Element Available for Public Comment
For Immediate Release: February 01, 2016
Contact: 'Andra Lorenz, Management Analyst, (650) 286-3215, alorenz@fostercity.org
Do you want to know more about the hazards facing Foster City? Want to understand what actions Foster City is planning to lessen the impact of future disasters? You can learn all of this and more in the Draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan-Safety Element.  

YOUR input is vital to this plan. The draft is available for public review now and public comments will be accepted through Friday, February 19, 2016. The City is eager to hear from the public about the draft before sending it to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for approval. Please join the conversation and share your thoughts related to the goals, hazards and mitigation strategies identified in the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan/Safety Element at www.fostercity.org/lhmp.  

A "Local Hazard Mitigation Plan" is a written plan for reducing the potential for harm of natural disasters throughout our community. In other words, if we consider what could happen during a natural disaster and put strategies and resources in place before it happens, we could reduce the number of lives lost, injuries occurring and properties damaged. By planning ahead for what COULD happen, we hope to save lives and reduce property damage if something does happen.

For more information, visit www.fostercity.org/lhmp or contact Jenelle Masterson, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at HazardMitigation@fostercity.org

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