Hydrant Flushing Project Maintains Critical Water Quality
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Hydrant Flushing Project Maintains Critical Water Quality
For Immediate Release: March 30, 2016
Contact: Nick Leonoudakis, (650) 286-3551, nleonoudakis@fostercity.org
The City of Foster City/Estero Municipal Improvement District (EMID) Public Works Water Division has announced that it will be engaging in hydrant flushing activities during the early part of April 2016 in order to ensure the highest quality drinking water for EMID water customers.

Hydrant flushing entails flowing water from the water system through the fire hydrants to eliminate sediment from water in the pipes. Passers-by will observe water running from the hydrants into the streets, gutters and storm drains. This is normal and an expected part of the process.

Water customers may experience a temporary reduction in water pressure in the neighborhood where hydrant flushing is actively taking place. There may also be a color change or minor sediment in the water. This is normal during flushing activities and only temporary. It is suggested that customers refrain from washing laundry while the flushing operation is being performed. It is further suggested that customers run their yard hose bibs until the water runs clear, generally about five minutes, after the flushing activities have occurred in their neighborhoods.

The EMID hydrant flushing program is part of regularly scheduled preventive maintenance that is required to ensure that the high water quality that is expected in the EMID water system is maintained. It also allows staff to inspect and make repairs as needed to ensure proper operation of EMID’s fire hydrants, valves and water services.

In 2013 it was decided to delay the annual flushing program because of the historic drought that has plagued our region. Now that four years have passed, it has become essential to the EMID water system to perform this much needed maintenance. This is done in order to prevent a degradation of the water quality that might cause aesthetic issues such as color, taste, odor and lower than State required disinfection residuals.

We regret any inconvenience this critical water system maintenance may cause. For questions or persistent water quality issues, please call the Foster City/EMID Public Works Department at (650) 286-8140. 

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