A Message from the Foster City Parks and Recreation Committee: Come Share Your Vision for Werder Park and Destination Park
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For Immediate Release: February 27, 2013
Contact: Kevin Miller, Director, (650) 286-3388, kmiller@fostercity.org

Foster City may soon be getting two new parks! The City Council has authorized Callendar and Associates to conduct a study to determine how best to use and identify viable options for the use of city-owned properties at Werder Park and Destination Park. The first public discussion on what should be done with these areas was held at the Parks and Recreation Citizens Advisory Committee meeting on February 6, 2013.

The next public meeting to discuss the future of these areas will be held on Wednesday, April 3, at 6:30 PM at the Council Chambers, 620 Foster City Boulevard. The final public meeting will take place on August 7.

This is your opportunity to help the City determine what Werder and Destination Parks will be in the future! Your comments will be very valuable to the Parks and Recreation Committee and to Callendar and Associates in creating a preferred alternative for both sites and determining how the community should use this land.

These meetings are an exciting opportunity for the residents of Foster City and those who visit our community to share their visions for what could be done with these sites. Would you like to see more picnic areas? Nature trails? Concession stands? Let us know! These and other ideas that YOU suggest will be considered! The more public participation there is in this process, the better the result will be, so I encourage anyone who has any ideas, suggestions or concerns to attend these public meetings and to share their visions for the future of these two scenic areas adjacent to the Bay.

Werder Park is a City property that includes a picnic area, restroom and parking lot, consisting of 2.6 acres, adjacent to the San Mateo County Werder Pier. The other area, tentatively called Destination Park, is the wide piece of land between the Bay Trail pedway and Beach Park Blvd. near Halibut Street. Although all public uses will be considered, it is likely that these areas will be turned into parks that reflect a mix of open space, active use, and potential concession use. It is important to note that the Council has not yet approved the development of these areas. What they have done is to authorize a study on how these lands can best be used. The ultimate decision and policy direction on the development of these two sites is the responsibility of our City Council. We hope to present to City Council preferred alternatives and the results of the study at a City Council meeting in September 2013.

At the February 6 meeting, Callendar and Associates presented some initial ideas, and then members of the public shared their suggestions. Speakers favored natural settings, open space or meditative spaces for the parks. Concern was raised over how development at Werder Park would affect the local feral cat population looked after by Project Bay Cat. A representative of the Lions Club suggested that a small quiet area be set aside as a memorial to those members of his organization who have passed on. Two speakers favored creating a community garden. A speaker also presented the concept of an ice skating rink at the site. The most common and general theme was that of open space, park like settings, and potential concession space for the area. A city construction material storage laydown area was also noted by our city staff.

We hope to see many of you at the next public meeting! You may also email suggestions to Director of Parks and Recreation Kevin Miller at kmiller@fostercity.org.

The Parks and Recreation Citizen Advisory Committee is made up of eleven volunteers who advise the City Council on matters related to parks and recreation. We support the department’s theme of “Parks Make Life Better” by conducting the annual Levee Safety Day, working at the Summer Concert Series, and generally being ambassadors of the parks and recreation programs to the people of our city. We want to make sure that our parks continue to be the best in the region for many years to come.

Submitted by Charlie Tomberg, member of the Parks and Recreation Citizens Advisory Committee since 2010.

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