Citizen's Police Academy
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Citizen's Police Academy

City of Foster City – Citizen's Police Academy

Recruitment / Information

·Have you ever wondered why the police do some of the things they do?

·Have you ever wanted to talk with a police officer about the experiences his or her experiences?

·Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to become a police officer?

·Have you ever thought that anyone could do a police officer's job?

If you would like some insight to these and many other topics, you should consider attending the Citizen's Police Academy.

What is the Citizen's Police Academy?

It's an opportunity for interested community members to meet the officers who protect and serve them.The Citizen's Police Academy is not intended to train citizens to become police officers, but rather to inform residents about the officers' duties, investigative requirement, training and the situations they encounter while on the job.

Citizens who attend these classes will also have a hands-on opportunity to participate in a variety of police functions such as:

·First aid assistance


·Riding along with officers on patrol

·Class question and answer periods will provide a chance to answer questions about police duties and responsibilities.

The Citizen's Police Academy's goal is to improve relationships between the Department and the community.The expected result: the community will know what to expect from the police who serve them, while police officers will be able to count on the community's support.

If this type of training sounds intriguing or if you have any questions please contact our Crime Prevention representative at (650)286-3313 or e-mail us at

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