Solicitor's Permit
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Solicitor's Permit


Any person desiring to solicit (including handing out flyers) within the City of Foster City must first obtain a "Solicitor's Permit" from the Police Department 650-286-3300 and a Business License from the Finance Department at City Hall 650-286-3258.

The fee for Solicitor's permit includes the permit, ID card, Livescan, and background check per person/solicitor. Inquire with the Police Department for current fees 650-286-3300.

Permits are valid for 90 days/ Renewal fees separate

Each person issued a permit shall keep it on their person when going door to door conducting any soliciting or peddling in the city, and it shall be displayed to any person upon request. The permit does not authorize soliciting on private property. Each person is required to carry ID with them at all times and follow all local ordinances including hours of soliciting. No person shall peddle or solicit at any dwelling where signs have been posted: No solicitors; No soliciting, private property, etc.

*Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations -501(c)(3) are exempt from fees, however, they are required to apply for a permit from the police department- FCMO 5.56.250. The police department will issue a letter that must be carried by all canvassers.

1 year max soliciting

*5.56.280 Chapter exemptions

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to solicitations for political purposes or to solicitations from bona fide members of charitable, religious, educational, community, recreational, fraternal or similar nonprofit organizations by such organizations, except that no such solicitation shall be made in violation of the limitation of hours of limitation established in this chapter. (Ord. 110 § 1 (part), 1975: prior code § 7-418)

Peddling from vehicles not allowed-FCMO 5.56.230

Hours restricted from soliciting (profit or non-profit) 8pm to 9am FCMO 5.56.240

Further required information on Foster City Muni Ordinance on Soliciting and Peddling see: CODES 5.56.010 to 55.56.290

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