Contesting a Parking Ticket
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Contesting a Parking Ticket
FAQ - Protesting a Parking Ticket
Question: How can I protest a parking ticket?
Answer: If you feel you received a parking citation that was unjustified or because of circumstances beyond your control, you are encouraged to contact the Police Department's Watch Commander as soon as possible. You may explain the circumstances to the Watch Commander, who in turn may make a recommendation that the citation be dismissed by the Court. The Watch Commander may be contacted at (650) 286-3300.
If the Watch Commander feels the citation is justified, you may write a letter to the Office of Parking Violations explaining the circumstances which led to the violation, and ask for an administrative review. You will still have to pay the fine by the due date, however, this may be refunded to you if the citation is dismissed.
For more information regarding how to contest a parking ticket, please visit the Court's website.

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