FCPD Range
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FCPD Range

The function of the range staff is to provide training so that sworn members of the Foster City Police Department are proficient and qualified in the proper use of firearms. This training is directed toward officers becoming safe, confident, and skilled in the use of their department issued weapons. This is accomplished through a variety of training formats such as basic firearms training, qualifications, tactical and combat courses, and specialized as required by the department's needs.

The Foster City Police Department's Range staff is comprised of eight officers:

1 – Range Master
1 – Assistant Range Master
6 – Firearms Instructors

The Range staff is responsible for providing training to our officers on all department firearms, which include:

  • Smith & Wesson M&P Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • AR-15 Patrol Rifles, M4 Carbines, and H&K MP5 Sub-machine guns
  • 40 mm Less-Lethal munitions.

All Range staff must complete an approved Police Firearms Instructor course and one or more approved Police Firearms schools such as:

  • Armorer School
  • Rifle Instructor School
  • Less Lethal Weapons School

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