Field Evidence Technician
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Field Evidence Technician

The Foster City Police Department utilizes a group of sworn and non-sworn employees dedicated to the processing and handling of crime scenes and evidence collection. These dedicated employees are called Field Evidence Technicians, more commonly referred to as FET's. Other agencies have similar teams referred to as Crime Scene Units, or Crime Scene Investigators.

The FET's are officers who have committed themselves to the handling of highly detailed assignments that require a systematic and painstaking approach to the identification, collection and processing of evidence.

The FET's have attended a series of specialized classes focused on a variety of techniques used for evidence identification, processing and gathering techniques. They serve the Department as a resource for other officers when specialized assistance is needed or when dealing with extensive crime scenes such as residential burglaries, commercial robberies, sexual assaults, or other crimes of violence. The FET's also work in partnership with the San Mateo County Crime Lab during high profile investigations such as homicides or attempted homicides.

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