Crime Prevention Bureau
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Crime Prevention Bureau

The Foster City Police Department's Crime Prevention Bureau's responsibility is to bring the education about crime prevention to the community.

What is Crime Prevention?

Crime Prevention is a partnership between the community and the Police Department that involves all sectors of the community as equal partners. Truly effective prevention requires addressing causes of crime and reducing opportunities for it to occur. The Foster City Police Department is committed to crime reduction and prevention by creating a partnership with the community.

The philosophy behind crime prevention is to increase citizen awareness with training in specific crime prevention measures. The intent of crime prevention is to reduce a criminal's opportunities to commit crime. Crime prevention is the collective responsibility of all citizens, aided through the assistance from law enforcement.

Some of the services and programs offered by the Crime Prevention Bureau include:   

Crime Prevention Tips:

Most criminals are looking for easy targets. Why volunteer yourself, or your property, when you can often avoid crime by changing your safety habits. Here are a few easy ones to get you started:

  • Lock your vehicle and place all valuables out of sight
  • Never leave your car running, even for a minute
  • Lock your windows when you're not home
  • Don't carry your social security card/number in your wallet
  • Notify the Police Department when you go on vacation by filling out a Vacation House Check form

If you would like more information about crime prevention or would like to arrange for one of our officers to meet with your organization, please give us a call or send us an email.

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