Airsoft and BB Guns
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Airsoft and BB Guns

The following information will hopefully help you in reporting quality of life issues.

General Noise and Loud Party Complaints: The City Council has enacted a noise ordinance that states "It is the policy of the City that the public peace, health, safety, tranquility and general welfare of residential districts and the community as a whole requires protection from unnecessary, excessive, unreasonable and annoying noises..." More Information

Excessive Barking Dogs: Before reporting a dog that barks loudly and frequently, first try to contact the dog's owner. If the problem is not resolved contact the Police Department at 650-286-3300. The Police Department will try to mediate the issue. If mediation does not work, you can request a Barking Dog Petition form. More Information

Solicitors:  Any person desiring to solicit (including handing out flyers) within the City of Foster City must first obtain a "Solicitor's Permit" from the Police Department 650-286-3300 and a Business License from the Finance Department at City Hall 650-286-3258. More Information

Reporting use of Airsoft and BB Guns. More Information

Curfews: Foster City has a curfew for minors. Curfew is 10:00 pm to Sunrise. Police will most likely contact minors who are out late for a welfare check.  More Information

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