Wednesday Enrichment Program (1st-5th Grade)
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The 4th  Session of Enrichment for Foster City School and Audubon School begins April 9, 2014

Registration for the 4th session of Audubon and Foster City Elementary School begins March 26, 2014

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Audubon has a new start time of 1pm

Wednesday Enrichment Program (1st-5th Grade)

The Enrichment program is offered each Wednesday afternoon (early dismissal day) at Audubon and Foster City Elementary School. Each class meeting is one hour in length and serves children 1-5th grades. Instructors come from many different backgrounds and are often members of the community, parents, graduate students, and retirees dedicated to sharing their crafts, life experiences, and hobbies to children in the community. Participation in after school enrichment programs have a proven benefit for your children, your family and the community you live in.

The goals of the program include:

  • To provide quality classes that broaden the child's experience of ideas and the world.
  • To help the students have fun and feel good about themselves as they expanded their horizons.
  • Create a better community by facilitating the development of well-rounded children.

Audubon Elementary School Course Information

Foster City Elementary School Course Information



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