General Event Information
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General Event Information

Foster City Fourth of July
eral Event Information

Here are a few tips to help make your Fourth of July in Foster City a safe and enjoyable experience.

Fireworks Firing Line: The firing line site for the July 4th Pyrotechnic Show will be located at the west end of Ryan Park. The firing line site can be a dangerous area and will be fenced off. We request your cooperation in keeping clear from the firing line and not crossing the fenced-off area.

Personal Fireworks: The possession, use, and sale of fireworks of all types are illegal and prohibited in Foster City. Fireworks are subject to confiscation and violators may receive misdemeanor citations and subsequent prosecution. Fireworks, in spite of their patriotic association, cause injuries and fires. Please leave the pyrotechnics to the experts.

BBQ Policy: Both charcoal and propane barbeques are allowed in Leo Ryan Park.However, propane grills are encouraged and preferred. Ashes and coals MUST be disposed of in the coal receptacle provided or transported out of the park.Under no circumstances can coals be dumped/buried in the park, nor can empty propane tanks be disposed of in the park.

BBQ Coals Disposal Map

Alcohol Policy: Alcohol consumption will be prohibited in Leo Ryan Park after 5:00pm.Throughout the day and especially after 5:00pm, law enforcement efforts will concentrate on persons whose behavior is disruptive or dangerous to others. At no time should minors be in possession of alcoholic beverages.

Trash/Recycling: Please help keep Leo Ryan Park, the parking lots, and streets in the area clean and free of litter! Ample trash, recycling, and composting receptacles will be available and emptied as necessary.

Restrooms: Public restrooms are located at the Recreation Center complex and portable facilities are available in convenient locations in Leo Ryan Park as well. The Recreation Center will close at 5:00pm.

Need Help? For general information, schedule and location of events, lost and found, etc., stop by the front desk at the Recreation Center.For first aid, lost children check-in, police assistance, or to report an emergency, find the nearest police officer or stop by the Amphitheater stage area.

Additional Information for 2017

Catamaran Park: The synthetic turf field at Catamaran Park will be closed, however the boardwalk and surrounding grass areas will be available for fireworks seating.

No tarps on the lawn: Only blankets will be allowed on grass areas. The heat that is captured under large tarps burns the grass below it. Pop-ups are allowed and encouraged over tents, as the heat captured under tents can be damaging to the lawn as well. 


Lawn Games: Due to the popularity of this event, please be mindful of your fellow park patrons when playing catch, frisbee, and other recreational activities. Please do not rope off large areas for game use (e.g. volleyball court, etc.).  We kindly ask that all lawn games end at 5pm to accommodate all park visitors who have come to view the fireworks.

Smoke-Free Event: For everyone's enjoyment, this is a smoke-free event.


On behalf of the City of Foster City, the Lions Club and the community organizations and businesses that support this event, thank you for participating and for helping to make Fourth of July in Foster City a traditional celebration of country, community, and family!

City Hall - 610 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 286-3200