Dealing with Wild Animals
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Dealing with Wild Animals

From time to time undomesticated or "wild" animals such as raccoons, skunks and opossums wander into residential and commercial areas. The Peninsula Humane Society advises citizens not to attempt to capture or trap wild animals. A qualified animal control company is best qualified to handle traps and animals.

The most effective protection from unwanted wild animals in your area is barriers and discouragement. Remove whatever attracts them to your property.

Feed pets indoors if possible or take up the outdoor dishes and leftovers as soon as possible. Keep trash cans in a closed garage or utility room until trash pickup day. Fence your garden. Vaccinate your pets.  Eliminate places that could become a den for a raccoon. Fill in tree cavities, cap chimneys and seal off attics, but always make sure an animal is not inside first.

To speak with someone about discouraging wildlife from living near your home or workplace, call the USDA at the number listed below.  Trapping services can be found by looking up "Pest Control."  The Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) has an excellent on-line guide to "Living with Local Wildlife" which you can access here.  The phone number for PHS is  (650) 340-7022, ext. 340.

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