Animals Being a Public Nuisance
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Animals Being a Public Nuisance

"No owner shall fail to exercise proper care and control of his animals to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance (Foster City Municipal Code)." Nuisances include excessive, continuous or untimely barking, molesting passersby, chasing vehicles, attacking other domestic animals and trespassing on school grounds or private property causing damage.

If animal control officers do not witness these violations they cannot act upon them. Citizens can, however, go to the Police Department, swear out a complaint and take offenders to court. If you are interested in this approach we suggest the following: Talk to the owners of the animal. They may not realize the animal is creating a problem. If talking proves unsuccessful and you know the owners' names and address send a certified letter (return receipt requested) outlining the problem. Call the Peninsula Conflict Resource Center. If all else fails, one alternative is to lodge a complaint and take the owner to court.

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