Insurance Rating Office
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Insurance Rating Office

An audit by the Insurance Services Office upgraded the Foster City Fire Department from a Class 3 to a Class 2 Fire Protection Rating effective December 2000.

Fire Protection Ratings range from Class 10 (least desirable) to Class 1 (best). The Insurance Services Office audits Fire Departments around the state every ten to fifteen years. Prior to being elevated to an ISO Class 2, the Foster City Fire Department held a Class 3 rating for 15 years.

ISO ratings are predominantly used to determine the insurance rates for commercial and industrial properties. Residential insurance rates are not likely to be affected.

The Class 2 rating demonstrates that the Foster City Fire Department is efficient and effective in responding to emergencies in Foster City. Everyone who lives and works in Foster City can be confident, knowing that Fire Department proficiency has earned this highly endorsed rating.

A Class 3 rating is very good for a fire department of our size. We are proud that we have been able to top that and achieve the Class 2. This rating audit was confirmation that we have kept pace with the community we protect.

7% of departments, or fewer than 55, in the state of California have achieved a Class 2 to date. Only 1% of departments nationwide are at Class 2.

The Insurance Services Office calculates the rating based on the quality of the Fire Department's communications system, Department proficiency and City water system.

The Fire Chief credited the Public Works Department with helping the Fire Department to earn the enhanced rating. "When the Department combats a large fire, the water system plays a major role. The best equipment in the world cannot operate at peak with a weak water system. Our Public Works Department makes sure that our system is maintained so that we have one of the strongest water systems in the area."

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