Fire Department Overview
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Fire Department Overview

An audit by the Insurance Services Office upgraded the Foster City Fire Department from a Class 3 to a Class 2 Fire Protection Rating effective December 2000.

Fire Protection Ratings range from Class 10 (least desirable) to Class 1 (best). The Insurance Services Office audits Fire Departments around the state every ten to fifteen years. Prior to being elevated to an ISO Class 2, the Foster City Fire Department held a Class 3 rating for 15 years.


The Fire Department protects lives, property and the environment from fire and exposure to hazardous materials, provides pre-hospital emergency medical care, offers programs which prepare our employees and citizens for emergencies and provides non-emergency services, including fire prevention and related code enforcement, emergency preparedness and fire prevention to residents, businesses and visitors of Foster City. 


  • Services to the Community: Delivering the highest level of service to our customers during emergency operations, citizen assists and public education programs. 
  • Integrity:   Maintaining high ethical standards and treating customers and all Department members with dignity. Striving through deeds to earn the trust and respect of others. 
  • Dedication:   Demonstrating loyalty to our organization and seeking and supporting continued education, training opportunities and ways to create ongoing     improvement within our mission. 
  • Teamwork:   Striving for unity and working together with steady progress toward worthy goals.  Ensuring that all decisions are honest, fair and in the best interest of our organization. 
  • Positive Work Environment:   Striving to create an environment that strengthens working relationships and fosters a sense of pride and camaraderie.

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