What are the Benefits of Foster City's Local Hazard Mitigation Plan?
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What are the Benefits of Foster City's Local Hazard Mitigation Plan?

A Federal Emergency Management Agency approved Local Hazard Mitigation Plan helps to reduce risk from natural hazards in the following areas:  




Protects public safety and prevents loss of life and injury   

Improves community health and safety 

Reduces damage to buildings and infrastructure 

Protects the community's unique economic, cultural and environmental resources 

Reduces the economic and financial impact of disasters 

Speeds community recovery following disasters   

Ensures Foster City's eligibility for pre- and post-disaster mitigation grant  funding


I Want to Know More About My Hazards and Reducing Risks!

We're glad that you want to take action to lean about your hazards and find ways to reduce your risk. Please explore  the following resources to learn more.

Foster City Hazard Maps

Crystal Springs Dam Inundation Area
FEMA Flood Hazard Zones
Ground Shaking San Andreas 7.2
Ground Shaking San Andreas 7.8
Liquefaction Potential Hayward 7.0
Liquefaction Potential San Andreas 7.2
Liquefaction Potential San Andreas 7.8
Liquefaction Potential San Gregorio 7.5
Liquefaction Susceptibility
Proj Ground Shaking Hayward
Tsunami Inundation Map

Additional Resources

Interactive Hazard Map
Cal-Adapt (Climate Change)
Housing and Community Vulnerability Report (PDF map only)
FEMA Flood Map Service Center
NOAA Sea Level Rise Map
Cal OES "My Hazards"
San Mateo County Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

For additional information on how you can plan for emergencies, please visit the following pages found on this website.

Planning for Emergencies





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