Spring Cleaning for Safety
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Spring Cleaning for Safety

A thorough spring cleaning can mean so much more to you than simply the good feeling that comes with maintaining the appearance of your home. If done properly, spring cleaning can also dramatically improve the safety of your home and family in the event of a fire.

One of the most important ways that cleaning around the house can improve safety is if you spend the time to reduce the clutter inside and around your home and garage. While clutter does not start fires, it can become the fuel for a fire. More fuel makes fires more difficult for the Fire Department to extinguish. Clutter may also make it more difficult for those in your home to escape when a fire breaks out.

Another important step in the spring cleaning process is to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals in your home. Cleaners, paint and other common household chemicals can fuel a fire and are often hazardous to your health. Maintain only the amounts you need and be sure to use, store and dispose of household hazardous materials in a safe manner as outlined on the product. Never mix chemicals, even when disposing of them.

Spring cleaning can help to improve your fire safety. If you have any questions about reducing the risk of fire in your home, call the Fire Prevention Bureau at (650) 286-3350. For information about hazardous household waste disposal, visit the San Mateo County Office of Environmental Health website.

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