Preventing Cooking Fires
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Preventing Cooking Fires

The most common cause of preventable fire in Foster City is inattention in the kitchen. Prevent fires from starting in your kitchen by being constantly aware and taking steps to reduce risk in your home. Remember that cooking can be a very dangerous activity involving high heats, electrical appliances, sharp knives and a variety of other potentially hazardous activities and circumstances. Stay aware of potential hazards every time you cook.

NEVER leaving hot oil unattended over heat. If you must leave while cooking with hot oil, remove the pan from the heat before doing so. Cooking oil is flammable and will catch fire quickly if not closely monitored.

Clean and maintain all cooking surfaces and the areas around them. An accumulation of cooking oils and greases can increase the chance of fire in your kitchen.

Remember to keep a lid handy when frying on the stove. If a fire does start in the pan, slip the lid onto the pan to smother the fire. Never try to relocate a pan that has caught fire in an attempt to extinguish it. You are far more likely to receive burns attempting to move the pan and to spread the fire rather than extinguish it.

If you unfortunately experience a fire that extends beyond the pot or pan into the wall or ceiling of your kitchen, always call the Fire Department, even if you think the fire has been extinguished. The Fire Department will verify that all of the fire has been put out and will not reignite.

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