Purchasing/Vendor Lists
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Purchasing/Vendor Lists

The City is governed by its purchasing ordinances with its purchasing process.  Basically, any purchase of goods over $30,000, services totaling $30,000 or more, or capital improvement (public) projects over $175,000, which are available from more than one source, need to go through a more formal bid or RFP process.  Purchases less than the aforementioned thresholds are subject to less-stringent bidding requirements.  The bottom-line is that the City always strives to purchase the goods and services it requires at the most competitive price.The City has a decentralized purchasing process ... that is to say, each department is empowered to purchase its own products and services that it requires to provide its services to the community.

While each department has authority to purchase its own goods and services, some things are purchased centrally.  Examples include copiers and letterhead (City Clerk), janitorial supplies (Building Maintenance), vehicles (Vehicle Maintenance), and computer hardware / software (Information Technology), to name a few.If you own a company that is looking to sell goods and services to the City, go to our Contacts page to find the department most appropriate in which to contact.

If you are interested in getting your company's name on the City's Bidder's List contact the Department Director. The City's purchasing function is delegated to each operating department.  If you sell goods or services that one of the City's Department could use, you are encouraged to contact them directly. 

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