Lead Police Dispatcher
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Lead Police Dispatcher
Job Classifications
City of Foster City
Estero Municipal Improvement District
Job Specification
Under general supervision, this position performs a variety of skilled and semi-skilled functions in support of the Dispatch Center; receives and dispatches emergency and non-emergency calls from the public for police, fire, and ambulance personnel, equipment and services; provides lead direction and participates in the work of a dispatcher; and performs other duties as assigned.
This is a non-sworn, non-exempt class. This class is the advanced working level classification in the class series. It is distinguished from Police/Fire Dispatcher by the performance of lead supervisory responsibilities in the absence of, or at the direction of, the Communications and Records Manager. Responsibilities may include establishing work schedules, making work assignments, training new and existing Police/Fire Dispatchers, reviewing work in progress and work completed, and providing input to employee evaluations.
This position works under the immediate direction of the Communications and Records Manager and exercises lead supervisory responsibility for activities of Police/Fire Dispatchers.
The duties and responsibilities listed below are illustrative only and are not meant to be a full and exhaustive listing of all of the duties and responsibilities of the classification.

Performs assigned lead/supervisory duties, including receiving work schedules and assignments from the Communications and Records Manager; schedules the work of dispatch personnel; trains, evaluates the work of new and existing dispatch personnel, and monitors the work of dispatch personnel; ensures work is performed according to standards and guidelines; provides input regarding employee performance.

Observes the performance of Police/Fire Dispatchers; provides input into the formal employee performance evaluation process; informs Communications and Records Manager of performance observations on an ongoing basis; recommends individual employee performance improvements;
confers with the Communications and Records Manager regarding specified routine personnel actions, including employee requests for time off and employee participation in training activities.

Makes recommendations regarding the type and operating specifications of equipment being considered for purchase; assists in the evaluation of prospective equipment.

Maintains a variety of records associated with areas of assignments, completes forms related to the work; provides reports of work status and employee performance.

Receives and responds to complaints and questions; investigates complaints; seeks to determine their nature/cause and resolve within limits of authority or reports to Communications and Records Manager for resolution.

Receives and directs telephone, radio and data communications, collects pertinent information and dispatching units using radio and computer aided dispatch system; determines priority, nature and location of emergency and non-emergency calls and status of units on and off assignment.

Operates a variety of equipment associated with the job, including automated dispatch equipment, computer, radio and recording equipment; monitors equipment for correct functioning.

Processes warrants and records checks, indexing, making computer entries, confirming, and updating status of warrants; testifies in a court of law regarding activities leading to legal proceedings as necessary.

Prepares copies of call records in response to requests; contacts citizens regarding traffic incidents, crimes, fires, and other emergencies, and requests information as necessary.

Performs tasks assigned to a Police/Fire Dispatcher; performs related work as required.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of:  Standard radio and telephone communications receiving and transmitting equipment; modern office methods and procedures; computer aided dispatch systems; effective methods of lead and project supervision; effective methods of record keeping; correct English usage, including spelling, grammar and punctuation; applicable computerized programs and equipment; business mathematics; applicable rules, regulations, and laws impacting the work.
Skill in:  Operating computer aided dispatch and associated equipment; a variety of office equipment, including computers and supporting applications; training and evaluating staff; making accurate arithmetic calculations; scheduling employees; reviewing work in progress and upon completion; producing clear, concise written documents; establishing and maintaining complex record-keeping and records management systems; using independent judgment within established guidelines; analyzing problems and suggesting solutions; maintaining sensitive and confidential records and files; establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with other City employees and the public.
Ability to:  Listen, understand, retain, follow, apply, and communicate verbal and written instructions or directions; hear and understand multiple messages and directions simultaneously; enunciate, speak clearly, distinctly, and concisely; obtain and document information in emergency situations with speed and accuracy; provide training and direction to assigned staff; monitor, assess, and recommend performance improvements of assigned staff; establish and maintain records associated with the work; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; provide courteous and efficient service to the public; learn, retain, and use technical terminology, equipment, and computer applications; respond professionally and effectively to changing priorities; review and analyze processes, procedures, and policies and make effective recommendations for change; function independently and make decisions based on sound judgment affecting areas of responsibility within established guidelines and consistent with applicable law or code; produce effective written documents which are legible, grammatically correct, and accurate; report and record a variety of information; learn, retain and utilize the full capabilities of the computer aided dispatch system and other dispatch equipment in a quick and effective manner; learn, retain, and use radio broadcasting equipment; learn, retain, and apply departmental and City procedures, rules and regulations, codes and geographical detail within service area; use mature judgment and make decisions within established guidelines; apply a practical, thorough approach to a wide variety of circumstances and individuals; obtain and maintain required licenses and certifications; perform related duties as assigned.
Any combination equivalent to experience and education that could likely provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities would be qualifying. A typical way would be:
Education:  Completion of high school or the equivalent.
Experience:  Two years of experience working as a police/fire dispatcher.
Must lift objects, materials, tools and equipment weighing up to 25 pounds; a considerable amount of time involves sitting at a computerized dispatch console. Work is performed in an isolated office area. Must be able to discern voices, including accents and dialects in order to effectively communicate and obtain necessary information; interacts with a variety of people in emergency or customer contact situations while multi-tasking; must be able to work flexible and odd hours, including emergency response before and after regular work hours, weekends, and holidays.

Special Requirements: Duties require the mental and/or physical ability to work extended hours and handle stressful calls for emergency services; ability to perform several tasks simultaneously; converse on the telephone, radio, and in person; perform accurate data input.
Licenses:  May be required to possess a valid California Class "C" Driver's License.
Certificates:  Possess a valid POST Dispatcher certification and meet update training requirements as per POST guidelines.
SALARY:  $7,526 - $9,148 per month

City Hall - 610 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 286-3200