Water & Wastewater Systems
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Water & Wastewater Systems



2.1.      Ensure Water Efficiency in Agency Buildings and Operation

2.1.1.      Installed low-flow toilets and state of the art irrigation systems and controllers.

2.1.2.      Installed water fixtures in City buildings that work on a sensor system to conserve water.


2.2.      Reduce Water Use in Parks and Landscaping

2.2.1.      Replaced turf grass in selected parks with synthetic turf which does not require irrigation.

o  Resolution 2011-11 Appropriating funding for Synthetic Turf Fields at Sea Cloud Park (S-4), and Port Royal Park, 2/7/2011

o  Resolution 2006-12  Authorizing the Purchase and Installation of a Synthetic Grass Surface for the Boat Park, 2/21/2006

o  Resolution 2003-113 Authorizing the Award of a Contract for Synthetic Surfacing for Amphitheater Seating and Bulkhead Pathway, 11/3/2003

o  Resolution 2014-3 Awarding an Agreement for Construction of Edgewater Park Synthetic Surface, 1/21/2014

o  Resolution 2012-04 Awarding an Agreement for Construction of Sea Cloud Park and Port Royal Park Synthetic Surface and Park Improvement Project, 1/17/2012

o  Resolution 2009-05 Awarding an Agreement for Construction of Sea Cloud Park and Catamaran Park Synthetic Surface and Park Improvement Project, 1/20/2009

o  Resolution 2008-113 Authorizing the Award of Contract for the Installation of New Synthetic Turf at the Dog Park, 12/15/2008

2.2.2.      Planted drought tolerant landscaping at City facilities and in parks.


2.3.      Create Safe and Efficient Water and Wastewater Systems

2.3.1.      The City annually updates the 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan to ensure the continued, reliable delivery of services to the City/District.


2.4.      Address Future Water Security

2.4.1.      The City prepares an Urban Water Management Plan every five years to ensure that adequate water supplies are available to meet existing and future water demands.



2.5.      Promote Water Conservation

2.5.1.     Implemented conservation-based water rates to encourage water conservation in the community.

o  Minute Order 1191 Implementation of Conservation-Based Water Rates, March 29, 2010

o  www.fostercity.org/publicworks/waterdistribution/Conservation-Based-Water-Rates.cfm

2.5.2.     Declared Water Shortage Emergency and Implemented Drought-Related Water Conservation Measures

o  Resolution 3260 Declaring a Water Shortage Emergency Condition and Authorizing the Implementation of Water Conservation Measures, November 3, 2014

o  Resolution 3275 Implementation of Water Conservation Measures and Establishment of Fines for Violations of the Declaration of Water Shortage Emergency, August 24, 2014

o  www.fostercity.org/drought

2.5.3.      Established Water Sustainability Fund to fund a variety of water conservation rebates for residential and commercial EMID customers, including, but not limited to those for low-flow toilets, high-efficiency clothes washers and lawn replacement as incentives for water conservation.

o  http://www.fostercity.org/publicworks/waterdistribution/Water-Conservation-Rebates.cfm

2.5.4.      Provides "home water audit" kits and educational assemblies for local schools.

2.5.5.      Provides free Landscape Water Use Audits.

o http://www.fostercity.org/publicworks/waterdistribution/Landscape-Water-Use-Audit.cfm

2.5.6.      Offers free “waterwise” informational resources for water customers

o  Water-Wise Gardening in the Bay Area


o  Bay Friendly Gardening Guide


2.5.7     Requires individual water sub-meters for each dwelling unit in new multi-family developments.

2.5.8     The EMID Board approved a program to encourage multi-family residential units to segregate domestic and irrigation meters. The program includes waiving meter installation fees, in addition to offering a below market-rate three-year loan of up to $50,000 to assist homeowners associations and apartment owners.

2.5.9     Between 2008 and 2013, EMID conducted a meter-replacement program to replace all touch-read meters (over 8,200) with “FlexNet” automated meters. The new meters are capable of reporting unusual consumption patterns instantaneously. EMID staff identifies and investigates potential water leaks weekly.

      2.6.      Promote Water Recycling and Greywater Use

2.6.1.      Through San Mateo County Water Pollution Prevention Program, offer residential rebates on rain barrels.

o  www.flowstobay.org/rainbarrel

2.7.      Educate about Water Pollution Prevention

2.7.1.      With San Mateo County Water Pollution Prevention Program, offer coupons and offer information through Foster City Television, literature distribution and Social Media sites about pollution prevention programs (carwash, nail salons, etc.)




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