Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Fuels
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Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Fuels



6.1.      Solar Projects

6.1.1.      Installed solar voltaic panels at the Library/Community Center,  completed in May 2015.

o  Resolution 2014-77 Awarding Contract for Rooftop and Carport Solar Project at Library/Community Center, approved 7/21/2014


6.2.      Fuel Efficient and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

6.2.1.      Increased the percentage of hybrids and electric vehicles in the City fleet and reviews other fuel-efficient alternatives as vehicles are replaced. As of May 2015, nine of the vehicles in the City fleet are hybrid or electric.

6.2.2.       Replaced some traditional vehicles with electric options for parks maintenance operations.

6.2.3.       Installed electric vehicle charging station for City employees and City vehicles.

6.2.4.       Installed bike racks and shower facilities at City Hall to promote bicycle use.



6.3.      Solar and Small Wind Projects

6.3.1.      Coordinating bulk solar procurement opportunity for residential community in combination with other jurisdictions

o  Resolution 2014-89 Entering into Agreement with Vote Solar for Implementation of a Regional Community Residential Solar Bulk Purchase Program, approved 8/24/2014

6.3.2.      Eliminated permit fees for installation of solar panels.

6.3.3.      Joined California FIRST, HERO and Figtree to enable Foster City property owners to access Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.

o  Resolution 2010-23 Authorizing California FIRST Program, 3/1/2010

o  Resolution 2014-90 Authorizing Figtree PACE Program, 8/4/2014

o  Resolution 2014-91 Authorizing HERO PACE Program, 8/4/2014


6.4.      Fuel Efficient and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

6.4.1.      Reduced speed limits on most City streets to allow for use of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) for intra-City transportation.

o  Minute Order 1017 Directing staff to take the necessary steps to reduce the speed limit, dated 1/4/2007

o  Resolution 2007-24 Adopting the recommended speed limits, adopted 3/19/2007


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