Open Space and Offsetting Carbon Emissions
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Open Space and Offsetting Carbon Emissions



9.1.      Plans and Policies

9.1.1.     Adopted regulations prohibiting the installation or replacement of wood burning appliances unless conditions are met to protect air quality.

o  Ordinance 486 Regulating the Burning of Certain Fuels within Wood Burning Fireplaces, Heaters, or Appliances and Regulating the Installation of Wood Burning Fireplaces, Heaters or Appliances, February 20, 2001

9.1.2.      Maintains storm water system in compliance with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System requirements, reducing pollution of Baywaters.


9.2.      Parks

9.2.1.     Built environmentally sustainable parks by incorporating reused and recycled materials, water-efficient landscaping and water-efficient technology systems.


9.3.      Habitat and Open Space

9.3.1.      Created enhanced seasonal wetlands at Sea Cloud Park for bird habitat as part of lagoon dredging project.



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