Efficient Transportation
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Efficient Transportation



7.1.      Planning

7.1.1.      Adopted Complete Streets policies

o  Resolution 2012-63 Adopting Complete Streets Policies and Programs, September 10, 2012

7.1.2.       Supports Safe Routes to School

o  Resolution 2002-35 Authorizing City Participation in the Safe Routes to School Program, May 20, 2002


7.2.      Infrastructure

7.2.1.      Provides electric car-charging for City Hall employees


7.3.      Agency Fleet

7.3.1.      Converted to a system by which water meters can be read remotely, eliminating the need to routinely access on-site meters around the city by automobile.

7.3.2.      Maintains vehicle fleet in peak condition in order to maximize performance and minimize carbon emissions.


7.4.      Agency Employee Programs

7.4.1.      Implemented an alternative schedule for most agency employees, reducing employee commuter trips from a traditional schedule.

7.4.2.      Implemented the option for certain employees to telecommute from home, keeping cars off the roadways while maintaining a productive workforce.

7.4.3.      Participates in annual Great Race for Clean Air, sponsored by the Spare the Air Team at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.



7.5.      Policies

7.5.1.      Works with the Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance and employers to ensure that trip-reducing alternatives are available, introduced to employees, and publicized on a regular basis.

7.5.2.      Promotes the AC Transit transbay bus service.

7.5.3.      Promotes employer-operated shuttles to and from the San Mateo Caltrain Station and the Millbrae Intermodal Station from three areas: Lincoln Centre, North Foster City, and Mariners Island.

7.5.4.      Operates a Senior Express Shuttle to transport residents age 55 and older to events and activities in the region.

o  www.fostercity.org/parksandrecreation/senioractivities/senior-express-bus.cfm

7.5.5.      Implementation of Mid-Day Shuttle under discussion for 2015.

7.5.6.      The City requires a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program with each Use Permit/Specific Development Plan for large projects.



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