Code Enforcement Common Violations
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Code Enforcement Common Violations

1. Property Maintenance Violations:

a. Weeds in the front yard, along the driveway, curb and sidewalk joints

b. Unlandscaped front yard areas including overgrown lawn, dead lawn and/or bare dirt areas

c. Trash, recycle and/or compost cart(s) stored in the front yard of the property visible from the public right of way or the lagoon

d. Accumulation of debris, litter, dirt, overgrown vegetation, dead trees or plant materials or weeds on a property which are visible from a public right-of-way or constitutes a fire hazard

e. Unpainted, unstained, partially chipped or peeling exteriors of buildings, fences and structures causing or tending to cause dry rot, warping or termite infestation,or buildings, fences and structures left partially unpainted for unreasonable periods of time

f. Buildings, fences, or other structures which are or have been abandoned, boarded up, partially destroyed, in need of repair or maintenance or permitted to remain in a state of partial construction;

g. Storage of boxes, litter, garbage, broken or discarded furniture, household equipment,appliances, vehicle parts, shopping carts, or other refuse in front, rear or side yards, or unscreened on exterior balconies for unreasonable periods of time

h. Clothes lines, bedding or laundry which are unscreened by landscaping and/or an approved trellis or lattice work walls.

2. Buildings or structures which are structurally unsafe or which constitute a fire hazard, or which are otherwise dangerous to human life, or which, in relation to existing use constitute a hazard to safety or health or public welfare by reasons of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation, obsolescence or abandonment.

3. Signs installed without permits including permanent business identification signs, temporary banner signs, real estate signs, etc.,

4. Parking of inoperable and/or abandoned vehicles

5. Noise violations

6. Non-permitted building construction

7. Business operating without a Business Tax Certificate/Business license

8. Fences and walls built without permits

9. Accessory Structures such as sheds, gazebos, etc., built without permits

10. Garage conversions

11. Non-permitted home-based business

12. Use Permit violations

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