Housing Element Implementation Ordinances
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Housing Element Implementation Ordinances



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In order to implement the policies and programs contained in the Foster City Housing Element adopted in February 2010, the City proposed several amendments to the Foster City Municipal Code, including:

Emergency Shelters: To: 1) add a new Chapter 17.82 to establish standards for emergency shelters for the homeless; 2) amend Chapter 17.04 to add various definitions; 3) amend Chapters 17.24 C-1 Commercial Business, and 17.32 PF Public Facilities Districts to allow emergency shelters; and 4) amend Chapters 17.12 R-1 Single-Family Residence, 17.16 R-T Townhouse Residence, and 17.18 R-3 Medium Density Residence Districts to allow transitional and supportive housing – RZ-13-003

Reasonable Accommodation: To add a new Chapter 17.84, Reasonable Accommodation, providing a procedure for an applicant to request relief from zoning regulations when necessary to afford disabled persons with an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling – RZ-13-004

Density Bonuses: To add a new Chapter 17.86, Density Bonuses, to implement the requirements of California Government Code 65915 regarding density bonuses for developments containing affordable and/or senior housing – RZ-13-005

Source of Income/Section 8 Discrimination: To add a new Chapter 5.72, Tenant Anti-Discrimination, that prohibits landlords from discriminating against existing tenants using Section 8 housing vouchers for rental housing – MC-13-001

Current Status:

  • The Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on August 15, 2013 to review the draft ordinances and make recommendations to the City Council.

August 15, 2013 Agenda

Emergency Shelters
Staff Report

Reasonable Accommodations
Staff Report

Density Bonuses
Staff Report

Source of Income/Section 8 Discrimination
Staff Report


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