Re-Roof Application Process
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Re-Roof Application Process
Steps for obtaining a Re-Roof permit.

Step 1. Planning approval required prior to building application.

Step 2. Fill out Re-Roof Application and Waste Management Plan (before permit) Form.

Step 3. Pay Fees. (Business Licenses if applicable)

Step 4. Permit is issued.

Step 5. Schedule required inspections. (General inspections include a tear off, materials, in-progress and a final inspection)

Project is complete once job card is signed off by Foster City Inspector.



Types of Projects Covered:
* The replacement or installation of any residential or commercial roof- any value.
* The following materials are exempt from these requirements: tar and gravel, cal shake, and overlays.

Instructions for Waste Management Plan Form:
* This information is required and is best if filled out by the contractor of the project.
* Answer all questions on the front page.
* Note the cubic yards & the facility the material will be taken to (via contractor truck or debris box).
* Please make sure address, permit number, phone number, and signatures are on the report.
* Make sure to identify who the refund goes to and where to send it.

Deposits: The minimum deposit for all roofing projects is $500
* Are fully refundable.
* Aren’t due until the permit is pulled.

Refund Process:
* Final inspection must be completed before starting the refund process.
* After final inspection approval the applicant must submit a Final Compliance Report/Deposit Request Form within 60 days. 

Deposits will be forfeited if the applicant does not submit required form and documentation within 60 days.
* All "weight tags" are required from debris boxes and self-haul truck loads, whether recycled or garbage.
* All "weight tags" should be legible (originals are preferred).
* Tags are required for the entire period of the project, beginning to end.
* When dropping off your weight tags, please note your name, phone number, and permit number on
Final Compliance Report/Deposit Refund Request Form.
* Refunds take approximately 4-5 weeks to receive.

Diversion Rate Requirements:
* A minimum recycling rate of 50% is required for all projects covered by the ordinance.

For information or help in complying with the requirements of the C&D ordinance, please follow this link.

City Hall - 610 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 286-3200