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Welcome to the City Clerk Department

City Clerk Department

Doris PalmerThe mission of the City Clerk Department is to accurately record the legislative body's actions, safeguard those documents, and administer open and free elections in full accordance with the law.

Responsibilities of the City Clerk Department

The City Clerk Department is tasked with a variety of responsibilities, chiefly:

  • Providing quality customer service and inspiring community involvement
  • Providing access to complete and accurate public information and official records
  • Providing accurate, and relevant information regarding matters of the City Council, and other City business to the public
  • Reporting and preserving the legislative history of the City efficiently and accurately

City Clerk Doris Palmer, 610 Foster City Boulevard, Foster City, CA 94404, (650) 286-3250.

City Clerk FAQ

Find out more about the City Clerk Department.

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The Volunteer Program

Interested in volunteering for Foster City? Find out more about the Volunteer Program!

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Find out more information regarding the upcoming Election.

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