Who Would Have Thought???
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Who Would Have Thought???
Five years ago I did not think the highlight of my day would be easier garbage pickup, efficient street cleaners and live Holiday Trees!!

However this seems to be the case……as Recology rolls out our new garbage system I am thrilled not to have to drag, push or kick those bins to the curb. Now I will have a rolling cart with all those recyclables in one bin. I guess it just doesn’t take “that much” to make me happy! I’m sure there will be some hiccups when they change out this system with new trucks, new bins, etc. but just know not only is it more convenient I’m hoping we will all increase what we recycle. We will be trying to make it easier and more convenient for multi-family dwellings, apartments, etc. to increase their commitment to recycle. Recology has done a great job of educating our residents and has promised to be available for any fixes to our system. I complained that San Mateo received their service before us but they assured me with a wink that they wanted to work out the “BUGS” before entering Foster City, you know I almost believe them too.

Not sure how many of you are home on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see our street sweeper go by but I am and commented to our Public Works Department that having spotless streets was a “perk” our City might be able to live without. That is when I was told it was not a perk but mandated by the state. I met with the General Manager of Contract Sweeping, Bob Wittekind and Mike McElligott from Public Works to also give my comments on how fast they go around parked cars. Contract Sweeping has a record of the speed of their trucks, route, timetable, etc. so Bob easily explained that when they have an obstacle they can speed up. Made sense, but also the outline on the street looked like the PD was there outlining a dead body, in this case a car. His suggestion was maybe we could alert residents to the day and approximate time of service so they can put their car in the driveway so their street could be cleaned. Also the amount of dirt, items collected by them was a surprise to me. In fact they empty out at our corporation yard after their sweep, dumping an average of 50 cubic yards per month over the course of a year. We have standards of how many particulates can be in the air so we must comply. Who knew???

And now the good news…….the tradition of lighting our Holiday Tree will continue but the metal simulated tree in the lagoon with the flag on top is history. City Council voted to budget funds to buy a live tree to be planted behind the Lagoon Room at the recreation center. The tree on that site was diseased as was the one on Shell, actually that one was interfering with the irrigation and wiring for lights as well. I mentioned that night that I wanted to raise funds to cover the $1,200 cost for the Holiday tree from our residents, felt like it would have more meaning if it was a gift from the residents to the City. All dollars collected after the $1,200 will go toward the cost of decorations. If you would like to donate please make check to F.C. Foundation with a note specifically for the Holiday tree, send to Kevin Miller, 650 Shell Blvd., Foster City, CA 94404. The tree lighting ceremony is December 1st at 6:00 p.m. Rotary Club of Foster City will serve hot cider, coffee and cookies. Let our new tradition begin with 2010!!!

We are continuing our bi-weekly meetings to consider the labor relations issues associated with developing a plan on how to balance our budget. We will soon be having budget study session open to the public where the City Council will consider some insightful and balanced recommendations and balanced approaches where everyone will feel a pinch, not just one department, one service, one group of employees. All decisions we will be ultimately making will be made with the health, safety and welfare of this community as our utmost priority.

Comments please send to pfrisella@fostercity.org.

Council Corner

November 03, 2010
Who Would Have Thought???

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