What People Want
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What People Want
I wrote my last Council Corner on some personal experiences I had when I was married to a professional baseball player. I got e-mails and phone calls from about 25 people who enjoyed my commentary. Only one was negative and the comment was “The last thing we need in a column is a touchy feely piece about memories and personal stuff.”

The person said I needed to stick to the politics of Foster City and inform the residents about the goings on of our City. Point taken but I also feel if people interacted more often on a personal level the misunderstandings and misconceptions that “some” residents experience wouldn’t exist. Also the possible anger and resentment some have about what has transpired over the years in this City may be resolved with some “touchy feely” conversation.

Regarding some of the issues on our 15 acres…..the report regarding putting a General Obligation Bond on the ballot to construct a public charter high school and a presentation from Envision Schools who is now the partner of the Foster City High School Foundation will both be at the September 17th meeting. You may ask questions at this meeting.

Folks are still asking me about the movie theatre and I am still pushing for it. Not a 16 plex but possibly a 4-6 plex that plays foreign and independent films and some first runs. I visited the 6 plex at Santana Row in San Jose last week and it was lovely. There were no reserved spaces for police cars out in front and no guards posted at the doors.

If Hillbarn is located on or near the 15 acres, they could possibly show films when there is not a production. There is still time to make decisions on the use of the retail space and that is why we planned for us to meet with the developers for months before any formal decisions are made.

We picked who we thought we could be partners with when it comes to the financial as well as physical part of our “town square” concept. Also the number of condos, number of assisted living units, extended care beds, etc. and even if we want those types of beds on that property. There is so much more to decide and we still are interested in your opinion.

There seems to be a movement to e-mail your Council representative your support regarding the public charter high school. It is clear by the messages that folks are not informed about who will be required to attend, who will pay for building or maintaining it, exactly what the curriculum will be and how realistic the possibility of adult classes being conducted there is. Please make sure you attend the September 17th meeting to learn the facts.

The members of City Council have received two very negative letters anonymously accusing us of being paid off because of the decision we made on the developer. It is so hard to believe anyone really thinks that of our Council. But I do invite anyone with questions to call me at home, (650) 349-7516, to discuss anything that makes you think that way. I cannot answer your accusations or questions when I don’t know who you are.

Thanks to all that conveyed your nice wishes regarding my last column and any other comments. I am at pfrisella@fostercity.org.

Council Corner

August 22, 2007
What People Want

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