We Cannot Forget
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We Cannot Forget
I admit that a year ago I didn’t fully understand the total impact of the sacrifices and life changing effects of what so many men and women signed up to do. Our veterans gave up their personal lives and stepped into an unknown stage of military service and what that would eventually mean to them during and after their service.

Volunteers, in general, are willing to give of themselves for a greater good and a cause they hold dear such as:

• Coach a little league team
• Read to a child
• Deliver meals to shut ins
• Serve dinner to the homeless
• Donate wheelchairs to those in need
• Give a monetary donation
• Offer rides to those who need one
• Visit a homebound friend or make “that” phone call

These acts of volunteering gives many of us a purpose in life……..to help anyone who is in need of anything we may have to give is such an unselfish way to live life.

Until recently of course many didn’t have a choice to volunteer but were drafted. In my high school class I lost many friends to the Vietnam war. I have many friends now who have never recovered from those horrors they survived and have never had a chance of a normal life.

Until now when we are beginning to identify post-traumatic stress syndrome, can we slightly understand what so many veterans from that war have endured?
Now when volunteers are knowingly entering this arena of service and what they may face, it is more than I can comprehend that they would do that to protect my right to freedom. How much is that worth to me???

I am trying to make their sacrifices more visible in our Veterans Honor Wall located behind the amphitheater in Leo Ryan Park. A ribbon cutting for the new Honor Wall will be on July 4th at 2:00 P.M. with a more formal dedication, scheduled for Saturday, November 16. By honoring those that served and are serving we can publicly thank them and I, for one, will be front and center with my heartfelt thank you.

One of our own residents, Bettie Wallach at age 92 was chosen to be part of an “honor flight” which took several WII veterans to Washington D.C. Last month to tour the veterans walls. Bettie was a WAVE and her late husband, George, was in the U.S. Navy. They will have their names in a prominent place on our new wall of honor.

If you would like to honor a loved one and add their names please contact Kevin Miller, Director of Parks and Recreation for details at kmiller@fostercity.org.

I have learned from new Foster City resident, Jeff Herndon, director of U.S.O. in the bay area that there are 1,300 veterans living in Foster City. The criteria to have your name appear is that you live/lived in Foster City or worked for our city.

The second way you can honor a friend/loved one is to have their name appear under our flag pole. For example my dad and my brother both served but lived in Michigan so their names can still appear. A wonderful Father’s Day gift!!!

To all of you who volunteer part of the hours of your day to a charity or someone in need, may I say thank you.

Please call me with any questions or comments at 650 349-7516 or email me at pfrisella@fostercity.org.

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June 05, 2013
We Cannot Forget

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