Voices Heard
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Voices Heard
Even though our election is almost a month old, I feel compelled to share my thoughts about the outcome.

I am very proud of the residents and voters of our City because they did their homework and came out to voice their opinion. They have spoken and we have heard them but that does not mean we did not hear the opinions and thoughts of the candidates that did not win or their supporters. All had valid input and qualifications.

I also hope that the supporters of our candidates will continue to have their voices heard because it is important to have new faces and new voices which combined with current faces and voices make a difference in our community.

As the supporters of all the candidates know now there is a lot of work that goes into running a campaign. And as the candidates know, it drains your resources, meaning mentally and physically, and leaves an indelible mark on you. I am sure everyone feels satisfied by their efforts.

It does show everyone in this City that there are many uniquely talented and gifted people that I hope continue to stay on advisory committees and clubs in our City and if you are not on one I hope you will join one. We can use the dedication and commitment that it takes to be on our committees and those committees advise the City Council and staff on many subjects and do the research necessary to present different ideas for us to consider.

These are the Advisory Committees: Arts and Culture, Audit, Education, Information Technology, Noise Abatement, Parks and Recreation, Senior Citizen, Traffic, and Youth. There is also the Planning Commission.

There are openings on the Arts and Culture, Information Technology, Parks and Recreation, and Senior Citizen Advisory Committees. There is also one vacancy on the Planning Commission due to the election of Planning Commissioner Art Kiesel to the City Council. The deadline to apply to the Planning Commission is December 14, 2007.

For further information, please email City Clerk Therese Calic at tcalic@fostercity.org

Thank you for all that responded in support of my last Council Corner. I guess when I feel my voice was not being heard I stepped it up a notch. If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at pfrisella@fostercity.org.

Council Corner

December 05, 2007
Voices Heard

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