To Vote
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To Vote
As a woman the privilege to vote wasn’t granted to me until Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton stood tall and formed the National Woman’s Suffrage Association and fought hard to set the wheels in motion. Many women followed them as they aged and did not give up until 1920 when the 19th amendment granted the right to vote to American women. Hard to believe so many countries won that right years before us. Just a refresher course!

Being born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (considered the mid-west and very patriotic) instilled in me the privilege of being able to vote so I was first in line to register back in 1964 and was proud to be a voter. I will however admit that there were some years in the 1980’s where I had a lapse of patriotism and my voting record was spotty. When running for city council in 2006 the press apparently checked into said records……turned out it was front page news and I was quite embarrassed since my ads quoted me as saying “don’t forget to vote”!!! When the reporter called I gave no excuses since none seemed good enough. Needless to say it is spotty no more!

I will admit the ones I missed were the local ones when I didn’t know who was running for local elections, actually didn’t even know we had a city council in Foster City………I’m admitting this now of course since I cannot run again!!! All I knew in those early years of child-rearing was that I came home and my lights went on, my toilet flushed and the police came to my house when my son’s bike was stolen so I was “good”. Didn’t really know how it all just miraculously happened but my point is what I know now is that local elections are so very important to our everyday life, even more than the national election. The people you vote for in the city council race will represent you so start paying close attention in the coming months for those qualified individuals who want to serve. Do your homework and make sure they have no other agenda than wanting to represent you and your needs.

There is an election with only one vote for supervisor on it in May which will be mail in only ballots. It is not for the Supervisor in our district; however, their vote does affect the whole county. I want to encourage you to read up on the candidates and remember to fill out and send in your ballots……do it immediately so the mail in date doesn’t pass.

Also want to point out we will have three seats open for our City Council in November……..if you are at all interested in serving your city please tune in to our meetings on the 1st and 3rd Monday evenings at 6:30 P.M., on channels Comcast 27 and AT&T 99, or come to a meeting to see if this might appeal to you. Linda Koelling and Rick Wykoff will be termed out so two wide open seats are available. I must say, they can hardly be “replaced” so we must find some qualified folks that would like to throw their hats/bonnets in the ring!!

I hesitated when asked to run for city council 7 years ago, however, if you want to BE the change you wish to see in this community and this nation then you need to get involved to be part of that change. If you do not make that choice then you are asked not to criticize the outcome and direction this city moves toward in the coming years. The right to vote is yours.

It is hard to describe the honor I feel to serve this community so please do consider getting involved and contact me at

Council Corner

March 23, 2011
To Vote

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