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This and That
A couple of updates…..

1 - The honor wall proposed in Leo Ryan Park -- veterans who have lived/live in Foster City or worked for the City of Foster City are eligible to have their names appear. The preliminary plans are in process and the fundraising materials are going through departments and committees for input. The really cool update is that a young man has stepped forward to make this wall his Eagle Scout project. Anyone who is familiar with how important these projects are will understand that having him on our “team” is a wonderful addition.

2 - Mayor Art Kiesel, Steve Okamoto, Charlie Bronitsky and I attended a dinner where the concept of Eco-Districts was discussed. The speakers from Portland had the task to incorporate environmental concerns in new construction. I think all four of us agreed that with the new construction going on now and certainly in future projects we need to look at these issues.

Four years ago at our Environmental Sustainability Task Force meeting we discussed the need for grey water collection (reclaimed to use just for landscape watering). At the time, unfortunately, we realized that Foster City doesn’t have the capability due to our underground system, so to collect the water and process it, then return it, was impossible with our current water distribution system. However in looking at it closer with new construction being so close to our wastewater treatment plant and streets being opened up for new construction maybe it could be implemented. From what I heard at this meeting we would need a separate water distribution system, typically referred to as a “purple” pipe added, to our system. John Igoe, former member of that task force, was also at that dinner and he agreed.

If we could implement reclaimed water for irrigation use at our hotels, businesses, etc. we could free up drinking water. However I would imagine residential changeover might be cost prohibitive. Many new ideas we can look at to keep the future of Foster City as up-to-date as possible. In talking with the Chamber of Commerce CEO, Joanne Bohigian, she mentioned it would be something the Chamber would support looking into.

3 - First ever Relay For Life event will have happened after this column appears, however I need to say how proud I am for the support this City has shown. Thanks again to Marah Curry at the Chamber office for spending many hours to ensure the success of this event. The American Cancer Society is, of course, a worthy cause to raise funds for and we now have 20 teams of about 10 members on each, who have raised more than we ever imagined. I WILL have a follow up in a future column.

4 - Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 6th. Our Police Department and Fire Department will be holding an open house and they have a lot to be proud of and to “show off” on that day!!

5 - The next CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class will begin September 6th and I encourage all who are interested in their own safety and well being as well as their neighbors and their city, to please sign up. I promise it will be time well spent. It will give Steve DiMauro, our new CERT manager a chance to show why he was chosen to replace the amazing Lee Bach. Sign up on

The preparedness class is tops in the state and the more residents we train the safer we will all be when an emergency strikes. It will bring you peace of mind to have the experience and knowledge you will receive from this class.

As always, I appreciate your responses to my column and am pleased by how many have emailed their thoughts and issues. To my knowledge all have been resolved and there are happier people out there because they shared their concerns with me as well as with my colleagues. We cannot resolve an issue if we are unaware of it. Traffic light problems, noise ordinance issues, uneven sidewalks, hydrants in need of a paint job…….whatever is irking you……let us know.

The residents of Foster City elected me and I am who you should share your complaints, comments and hopefully compliments with when they are warranted.
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August 29, 2012
This and That

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