The Power of Your Voice
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The Power of Your Voice
I do not necessarily mean the volume but the power of our words……when we use them, how we use them and how they affect others.

We have had a few controversial issues this year in Foster City and I find it interesting how word travels through our fair City and through our City Hall as well. Of course those that chose to share what they hear with me may have good motives or well meaning intentions but I always wonder if something was lost in the translation.

I would like to clear something up that seems to be “making the rounds” about my vote on the now infamous solar bees. My motion was to remove them on July 1st so we could have collected more data to use toward researching another alternative to using chemicals.

I believe that when you can compromise and allow each party to gain something then both have succeeded. I was not voting to keep them in the lagoon for the entire six months. I hope that stops those that think otherwise to understand my vote.

When residents of our City have called, emailed, stopped me in any store or knocked on my door, I have tried to listen and use my mediation skills to help solve or find a solution to their issues. For the most part just listening to the problems that arise in people’s lives helps validate the issue and therefore bring calm to the situation. I treat my friends and family exactly the same way. I hope I have done a good job because I have given it my best effort.

For every yes to a theatre, restaurant, senior housing, retail store or coffee shop, there will be those that don’t agree……that is human nature. We all like different things and different things make us happy. And some things interrupt our sense of calm.

I am prepared that there will be some unhappy folks whatever we pick for those last 15 acres but your City Council will make the best decision possible with the facts and information presented to us. We are currently going on site visits of all three developers to see personally what they have done and if it fits into our vision.

Do try to remember that your words are a reflection of you so use them wisely and kindly if possible. You can still get a point across without attacking a person personally……I value your opinions because I value all of you as fellow human beings.

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June 13, 2007
The Power of Your Voice

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