The Long And The Short of It
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The Long And The Short of It
This is a column about one of my pet peeves……I think we all might have one or two of them. It is regarding those pesky solid white lines we see on our Foster City roads and our California highways.

The one I have an “issue” with is when you are coming out of Boothbay and turning left on Edgewater. When you get into the intersection a solid white line begins. The way I understood that solid white line to mean was do not cross it until you reach the end of it and then you merge to the right when the traffic allows.

I have come out of that street and stayed to the left of that line and the guy (must be a guy) behind me passes me on the right. I have asked the Foster City Police to tell me the true purpose of this line and if it in fact is a violation of any law.

The other ones that annoy me are on 101 going South when you exit onto Highway 92. I feel they are there to indicate that you are to stay off them until the solid line becomes shorter broken lines. The purpose being it is not safe to cross them (or change lanes) at that particular part of the exit. It is in fact the most dangerous section of the exit and they are at most exits that have more than one lane exiting.

I had a very enlightening conversation with Captain Matt Martell in our Police Department. He tells me that the solid white line is an advisory or strong suggestion directing the driver to stay in their lane. It is however not against the law……UNLESS……you hit something then it is your fault. Or……UNLESS……you cause the car next to you to have a collision or even a near collision then again it is your fault. If you encounter a solid white line and by crossing it you do not endanger your fellow driver you may cross it.

The bottom line here is to bring this awareness to you. It is our obligation to our fellow citizens to be courteous and responsible. If you allow someone to “cut in” on the freeway and it puts you a fraction of a second later at your destination then isn’t that the kind thing to do?

I feel if you do that then that driver might be more inclined to let someone in in front of him later that day. That driver might even think there ARE nice people in this world and might not be so cranky at the end of the day. If you speed up and don’t let him in…..well you know the rest of that thought!!!

There……I got that off my chest. Even though I am probably the only one that considers this annoying I’m hoping now YOU will not be able to not notice these lines. Don’t be angry with me for pointing this out to you……I like to share!!!
Thanks, Matt, for your contribution to this article and your contributions to our City.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments…

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February 28, 2007
The Long And The Short of It

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