The Joys of Campaigning
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The Joys of Campaigning
This article will come out the day after the election but I can sum up the "joys of campaigning" a week before the election.

I will speak just for me but after talking to the other candidates I think we all can agree it is very difficult to do. Especially difficult to "sell" yourself door to door. Four years ago was my real interaction with the public and I came away with a new-found respect for those who choose to be a public servant. I never appreciated that the word servant described being a public official.

I am, at this moment, a public servant, public official, resident, employee of Foster City and totally enjoy the role as councilwoman. The job is my passion but the campaigning is NOT.

Just imagine your name on street corners and on first it was kind of cool, then as the winds and rain come you see "yourself" leaning, doing a face plant, or just gone!!! There are some kind friends of mine that check up on my signs around town and straighten them. Linda Koelling and I have been seen hammering and stapling signs back together countless times after windstorms. Many honked their horns at the site of us but all were people we knew.....Keith Krietman yelled out his window in front of the library and darn neared scared us to death!!! Of course the other candidates have had similar "fun."

I'm betting all the candidates have stories about this experience, some good and some that leave you questioning your decision to enter this battle. Only one person slammed the door in my face but I chalked it up to him being cranky and was happy I wasn't married to him!!!

We have all answered questions, taken our pictures, shaken hands and tried to keep our sense of humor during these last few months. There have been some rough moments for all of us.

What I am saying is that I commend the other candidates on their choice to really put themselves out there for public scrutiny, questioning and more, as we all compete to represent the best city.....Foster City. That is why we have all chosen this path. We are all very lucky to have made this city our home.

By now the best men, best women, or combination of both have won the right to hold the title of Councilmember. It was a hard fought battle and I am grateful to live in a place where we have a government that can hold elections and we have the freedom to run for office and the freedom to vote.

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November 05, 2009
The Joys of Campaigning

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