The Joys and Boys of Summer
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The Joys and Boys of Summer
I have many memories of the joys and boys of summer. My late husband was a Major League Baseball player for nine years and baseball was a huge part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine that it was a job because he loved the game and would have paid them to play. When I married him he was with the New York Mets and spending my first spring training in St. Petersburg was magic.

Those first two years in New York we were treated like royalty (that’s why New York is the best town to play in even now). I loved baseball and was lucky enough to go to most Detroit Tigers games with my Dad and learned to love the game. My Dad’s dreams came true when I chose a baseball player to marry.

We spent six years in the National League so Danny only pitched once at Tiger Stadium when we were with the Milwaukee Brewers, which by the way had the best hotdogs with sauerkraut ever!!! Hard to get used to soy burgers at our park.

Many joys when we played with Atlanta……Phil Niekro’s no hitter and Hank Aaron’s big homerun to move ahead of “the Babe”. Danny was in the dugout (which happened to be in left field) when Hank hit it. The guy next to him, Tommy House, caught it and I was annoyed Danny didn’t knock him out of the way to make the catch because Tommy got a console TV for catching it!!!

Can you imagine now getting that reward? Actually back then I was thrilled to be part of it and Danny is in the videos jumping on Henry when he crossed home plate. Those are the rewards you cannot measure.

Danny was a relief pitcher so we were expendable but as he said “in demand”. We played for 5 teams in the 7 years we were married…….I decorated with colorful tissue boxes (they could come with us). The life of a baseball wife has changed now that there is so much money involved because you can have a home everywhere you play which makes raising a family a bit easier.

Danny was killed when we lived in Phoenix waiting for Spring Training to begin with the Brewers on New Years Day 1977. Jason was three and I was pregnant with what turned out to be our second son Daniel Jr.

I moved back to the bay area and bought a home in Foster City (Daniel was born two days after I moved in)…….thirty years later I am still in that home with pictures on my office wall to remind me of the days of summer. Life was exciting and hard to put into words because it really was magical.

I have always believed in fate and that even though we think we are in control of lives we are not. I feel we are all where we are supposed to be and I’m content with the knowledge that fate led me to Foster City and the life I now lead……’s just a little different kind of magic but magic just the same.

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July 18, 2007
The Joys and Boys of Summer

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