The First Thirty Days
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The First Thirty Days
I’d like to share with you the adventures I have experienced and the people I have met since I took the oath of office as your newest councilmember on December 5th. I have to say that these first 30 days have just flown by.

Immediately after the swearing in ceremony I was invited by Police Chief Craig Courtin to take a tour of the police station and meet some of the officers on duty. Of course, it was nice to visit the station from a visitor’s perspective than the other way around. It was interesting to learn how the officers are trained, the busy dispatch area and the behind the scenes employees who work in that facility. The tour was informational and I was impressed by the folks who protect and serve our city.

A short time later I asked the Public Works Director, Ray Towne, to show me how the infrastructure of the city works. My tour started at the Corporation Yard where I met several of the engineers and was shown a slide show presentation describing the waste water systems and the numbers of pumps that move the waste water to the treatment plant.

I was informed that the source of our drinking water comes from Hetch Hetchy, travels to the Crystal Springs Reservoir then delivered to us through a large pipe along 3rd Avenue. Some of it goes to four enormous water tanks holding 20 million gallons of water, available in case of an emergency.

To get a firsthand look at how our lagoon system works I was also given a ride on the department’s boat and was shown where the Bay water comes into our system at the south end of Foster City and where it exits on our northern border. Viewing the lagoon system from the water and not the shore gave me a clearer perspective and deeper appreciation for the work our Public Works Department performs.

I was given a tour of all of the building projects that are currently in progress by Curtis Banks, our new Community Development Director. Curtis recently took over from Rick Marks who retired after a 28 year distinguished career with Foster City. Rick, we’ll miss you but your legacy will live on.

I visited the Pilgrim/Triton construction of new, high-end apartments, the proposed Chess/Hatch project and the proposed walkway under Highway 92 that could connect the two projects. Finally, we drove through Vintage Park and particularly the Gilead Campus and construction of their new laboratory building. When that building is constructed, Gilead will occupy a tremendous amount of office space and make them one of the largest property owners as well as employers in Foster City.

I decided to see the police station, learn about the infrastructure systems and take a tour the construction sites so that I could have a clearer picture and understanding of what makes Foster City ‘tick’. You elected me to govern and I believe part of that task translates into knowing the intricacies and the ins and outs of our town.

Besides learning about the physical infrastructure of the City, I also met the people who make the City run. Knowing them gives me a better understanding of why Foster City is such a great community: it is not just made up of lagoons, parks and buildings; it is made up of skin and bones - the office staff, the cops and firefighters, the engineers and planners and the maintenance people.

I wanted to understand their contributions so that on your behalf, I could always thank them for caring.

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January 16, 2012
The First Thirty Days

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