The End of Summer
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The End of Summer
I remember the end of summer meant kids going back to school and my vacation actually beginning and my sister, Sam the schoolteacher…..well her vacation was ending.

Now it all seems to blend together in a year when my responsibility shifted from my kids to our City. Not that I feel totally responsible mind you, I do have four other colleagues and a few staff members that help too!! But my mindset is always focused on our City.

I never noticed until I was on the City Council how lucky I was that fate brought me to a City that values its residents and values our rights, including the right to disagree. I have always heard that saying, “let’s agree to disagree” but never knew I would be an elected official and discover how true a statement that is.

As anyone who has known me for any length of time knows, I speak openly and have pretty strong opinions. I do, however, listen to everyone’s point of view before I come to a decision. That is what, in my opinion, an elected official at this level of government should be able to do. Some folks might disagree with my opinion and I encourage them to contact me to let their voices be heard.

As we head into fall, with our world situation in such turmoil, I try to stay focused on what immediately affects Foster City and its residents. For example: A group of residents have formed a “Landscape Enhancement Group”. I will be part of this group. We will focus on the overall appearance of our City from helping those that need help planting and keeping their property “looking good” to picking up trash on exits leading into Foster City.

Our properties are aging and hopefully we can encourage folks to keep their homes in good shape. We all need help from time to time and this group would like to identify those that need that extra help and do a little “sweat equity” so we can all be proud to call Foster City…..home.

Any comments are welcome and if you are interested in joining this dynamic group, please email me at

Council Corner

September 06, 2006
The End of Summer

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